An Overview of Hubei University of Education

Quick Figures of Facts:

Established: in 1931
Renamed: in 2007
Campus size: 114.5 hectares or 283 acres
Gross building area: 433,900 square meters
Library paper books: 1.2 million
Equipment value: 1,460,000 US dollars
Schools: 15
Governmental centers: 2
Undergraduate programs: 51
Full-time students: 16,000
Faculty and staff: 1,090
Full-time teachers: 676
Teachers with senior professional titles: 307
Teachers with doctoral or master's degrees: over 600
Ph. D and MA supervisors: 75
Provincial key discipline: 3
Hubei key research center in humanities and social sciences: 1
Hubei provincial strategic emerging pillar industry talent cultivation plan: 6
National and Provincial Excellent Courses: 15
National teaching team: 1
Provincial exemplary centers of experimental teaching: 3
Provincial scientific research platform:8
Academic journals: 4
Hands-on learning centers: 7
Internship bases: 100
Distance education centers: 30
Correspondent learning sites: 20

Hubei University of Education (HUE), situated in Wuhan—the thoroughfare of nine provinces, is a well-recognized tertiary institution under the direct supervision of Hubei provincial government featuring in teacher education while offering multi-disciplinary programs from education to science, engineering, liberal arts, management and art. It is privileged to be one of the key bases of teacher education in Hubei province. HUE originally established as Hubei Provincial College of Education in 1931. As the needs of teachers have changed and social progress has advanced, so has the university adapted and evolved. In September 2003, the University moved its campus from downtown Yuemachang to East Lake Hi-Tech Zone. In 2007, the college shifted its focus from adult education to regular higher education and consequently changed its name to Hubei University of Education approved by the State Ministry of Education(SMOE). In 2012, HUE passed the Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation of SMOE. Additionally, two provincial governmental administration organizations are instituted in our university: namely Hubei Provincial Training Center for School Principals and Administrators and Hubei Provincial Continuing Education Center for Primary and Middle school Teachers, playing a vital role in leading and serving for the basic educational reform and development across Hubei province.For over four score years, she has cultivated nearly 150,000 graduates, making outstanding contributions to the basic education, economic and social development of the country.

Located in the right center of China Optics Valley and bestowed with picturesque scenery and convenient transportation, HUE's campus covers as large as 1,718 mu (equivalent to 114.5 hectares or 283 acres) and the gross building area amounts to 433,900 square meters. The university library has a collection of 1.2 million paper books and 1.5 million digital books respectively. At present, HUE has 15 sub-schools offering 51 undergraduate programs for over 16,000 full-time students. There are nearly 800 full-time teachers, among whom, 307 are teachers with senior professional titles, and more than 80 percent of the faculty attained doctoral or master's degrees. Proudly, 75 of our teachers are invited as master degree student supervisor by national famous universities like Wuhan University, Huangzhong University of Science and Technology and Central China Normal University. Moreover, 15 teachers won national honors and titles, including Special Government Allowances of the State Council, Special Allowances of Hubei provincial government and National Outstanding Teacher. In total, there are 40 visiting professors in HUE, among them, 2 are members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; 2 are listed in the the national Recruitment Program of Global Experts; 12 are engaged as Chutian Scholar, which is a Hubei provincial talent recruitment program across home and abroad.

15 sub-schools are:
School of Educational Science
School of Liberal Arts
School of Foreign Languages
School of Mathematics and Economics
School of Physics and Electromechanical Engineering
School of Chemistry and Life Science
School of Computer Science
School of Business Administration (Wuhan Managers School)
School of Art and Music
School of Physical Education
School of Architecture and Materials Engineering
School of Marxism
School of International Education
School of Continuing Education
School of Teacher Education

Oriented to the development path of upholding the flag of teacher education, marching ahead on forging outstanding applied university and cultivating talents with innovation and entrepreneurship strength, HUE is striving to construct a cultivation system of application-oriented talents with distinct characteristics. Currently, HUE is undertaking several national and provincial level programs and courses: including Pilot Comprehensive Reform for five bachelor degree programs, six New Strategic and Pillar Industry Talent Cultivation schemes and Jingchu Excellent Talent Cooperative Cultivation Program, fifteen Quality Sharing Courses; some other provincial level programs are as following: one pilot school, one key Experimental Teaching Model Center, two general Experimental Teaching Model Centers, six internship and training bases. Furthermore, there are many university level teaching reform and experiment programs, such as Learning-by-Doing Workshop, Dual Degree Program, Inter-disciplinary Talent Experiment Program, Innovation Talent Cultivation Experiment Program. Additionally, since 2008, HUE has been fostering professional masters in collaboration with Central China Normal University and Hubei Normal University successively. Over the years, the University and its students won many prestigious awards and titles, to name a few: National Standardization Model Unit of Chinese Language and Character, Gold Award of China College Students' Entrepreneurship Competition and Hubei College Student Entrepreneurship Model Base.

Adhering to developing teacher education as the flagship of provincial dominant feature subjects, HUE is sparing no effort to construct six disciplinary clusters, including teacher education, information technology, new industry and regional economy, bioengineering, cultural creativity, to serve the demands of regional economic development of Optics Valley. There are 3 provincial key subjects (pedagogy, applied economics, computing science and technology), 5 Chutian Scholar teaching subjects, 8 provincial research platforms(e.g. Hubei Key Laboratory for Purification and Application of Plant Anti-Cancer Active Ingredients, Hubei Cooperative Innovation Center for Basic Education Information Technology Service, New and High-Performance Environment-friendly Wall Material Research Center, Education Cloud Service Engineering and Technology Research Center and Terahertz and Optoelectronics Work Station of Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences).

In recent years, HUE landed 22 programs from National Natural Science Fund, 5 programs from National Social Science Fund, 17 programs from Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture and over 500 items and programs from Hubei Intellectual Product Purchase Program, Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology Pillar Program, Hubei Provincial Natural Science Fund and Social Science Fund. As a consequence, the University won 3 provincial awards for Scientific and Technological Progress and 7 awards for Social Science Achievement, and registered 69 item patent licensing and copyright of software. The application of above-mentioned and some other research achievements has brought significant social and economic benefits. Apart from that, the University's all-round construction has gained governmental and social recognition. And it is entitled as "Provincial Civilized Unit" and "Provincial Comprehensive Management (Safe Campus Construction) Outstanding Unit". In February 2016, mankind detected gravity wave for the first time. Dr. Fan Xilong, our proud staff, is a member of the international research team.

HUE establishes close ties with over 20 foreign universities, colleges and scientific research institutions from the United States, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Kazakhstan and other countries. The University has been accredited with three international joint education programs by Ministry of Education and Hubei Provincial Department of Education, namely, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Computer Science and Technology and Hotel Management. It is designated by Hubei Provincial Education Department to dispatch Chinese teacher volunteers to overseas, and is the high quality source of graduates for Hanban / Confucius Institute Headquarters. Many students are selected to go abroad to carry forward Chinese language teaching cause every year.

Living up to the motto of “Erudition, Morality, Honesty and Perseverance” and sticking to the teaching concept of “developing oneself and help others, and putting student first”, the staff of HUE are eager to pool will and strength to overcome the difficulties ahead for the construction of application-based teacher education university with distinctive features, so as to provide talent and technology support for better regional basic education and sound economic and social development.

Address and contacts
Mr.Liu Hui
Director of International Office
Tel: + 86 27 87943509
Fax: + 86 27 87943500
Address: #129 Second Gaoxin Road, Wuhan Hi-Tech Zone, Wuhan China 430205
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