An Overview of Hubei University of Education
Quick Figures of Facts:
Established: in 1931
Renamed: in 2007
Campus size: 114.5 hectares or 283 acres
Gross building area: 433,900 square meters
Library books: 1,880,000 volumes
Equipment value: 1,460,000 US dollars
Schools and departments: 15
Governmental centers: 4
Undergraduate programs: 38
Full-time students: 15,400
Faculty and staff: 1,200
Full-time teachers: 690
Teachers with senior professional titles: 284
Teachers with doctoral or master’s degrees: 455
Ph. D and MA supervisors: 38
Provincial key discipline: 1
Hubei key research center in humanities and social sciences: 1
Involved in Hubei provincial strategic emerging pillar industry: 1
Provincial Excellent Courses: 4
Provincial teaching team: 1
Provincial exemplary centers of experimental teaching: 2
Scientific research projects: 21
Academic journals: 4
Hands-on learning centers: 7
Internship bases: 100
Distance education centers: 30
Correspondent learning sites: 20

Hubei University of Education (HUE), situated in the City of Wuhan, is a well-recognized higher institution of teacher education under the direct supervision of Hubei provincial government, featuring multidisciplinary programs from education to liberal arts and science, and also it functions as one of the prominent in-service teacher training centers with professionalism and excellence throughout Hubei province. The university may trace its history back to “Hubei Provincial Institute of Education” which was founded in 1931. In April 2003, Hubei Provincial Industrial School merged into this institute. In September 2003, the institute migrated to the new campus in the central area of the East Lake Hi-Tech Economic Zone – China Wuhan Optics Valley. In March 2007, approved by the State Ministry of Education, this adult education contributor formally ranked into the institution of the general higher education system and accordingly renamed as Hubei University of Education. And in January 2009, Hubei Provincial Institute of Economics and Management again merged into this newly-born university.

The university campus covers as large as 1718 mu (equivalent to 114.5 hectares or 283 acres) and the gross building area amounts to 433,900 square meters. The university library maintains an extensive collection of 1,880,000 books in various subjects. The total value of laboratory equipment in the university reaches RMB 72,230,000 yuan (roughly USD 1,460,000).

At present, there are 16 schools and departments in the university, they are:
School of Teacher Education
School of Educational Science
School of Liberal Arts
School of Foreign Languages
School of Art and Music
School of Business Administration (Wuhan Managers School)
School of Mathematics and Econometrics
School of Physics and Electronics Information
School of Chemistry and Life Science
School of Computing Science
Department of Politics and Law
Department of Physical Education
Department of Mechanics and Electric Engineering
Department of Architecture and Building Materials
School of Continuing Education
School of International Education

In addition, there are other four official administrations directly under the provincial government to deploy in Hubei University of Education. They are:
Hubei Provincial Teaching Research Institute for Primary and Middle schools
Hubei Provincial Continuing Education Center for Primary and Middle school Teachers
Hubei Provincial Training Center for School Principals and Administrators
Hubei Provincial Center of Teachers Qualification and Accreditation

These dual-track positions enable to provide the university with capabilities to facilitate and coordinate teacher education, school teaching research and management across the province, and therefore they may undoubtedly play an essential and efficient role in pioneering, guiding and supporting the basic educational reform and development for the local communities.

The university offers 38 undergraduate programs, covering economics, law, education, liberal arts, science, management and art. There are 15,400 full-time students, 1,200 faculty and staff, and 690 full-time teachers, among whom, 284 are teachers with senior professional titles, 455 attain doctoral or master’s degrees, 14 privileged professors have won special allowance awards from the State Council and provincial government or received state honors as “The National Teacher of the Year”. And furthermore, 38 professors are externally recruited as Ph. D and MA supervisors by Wuhan University, Huazhong Normal University and other universities in Hubei.

Within these years, the university has undergone a considerable progress in the quality of education. The Educational Science was appraised as a key discipline at the provincial level. Computing Science and Technology (embedded mode application), one of undergraduate programs, was enlisted as the professional talents educational program of 2010 “Hubei provincial strategic emerging pillar industry”. Four courses, such as “Advanced English”, “Journalism”, “The Theory and Practice in Class Management” and “Microcomputer Principles and Interface Technology” were granted as the public “Excellent Courses” at the provincial level. The English Language Teaching Team of the university was honored as the provincial-level teaching team. In addition, Teacher Competency Training Center and Self-Access English Learning Center were both honored as the provincial-level exemplary centers in experimental instruction.

During the last three years, the university has undertaken 21 scientific research projects at the provincial and state levels, among which 115 academic articles published have been included in SCI, EI, ISTP and SSCI. Besides, 19 items of scientific outcomes were listed into awards in the provincial or state levels, two of which were granted Hubei provincial scientific advancement awards. The university succeeded in declaring 5 patents of new-style practical technology. In 2011, the university’s research center in humanities and social sciences was approved to be the key research center in Hubei province. In addition, the university edits and publishes 4 educational and economic journals, “Hubei University of Education Journal”, “Class Advisor”, “Chinese-Mathematics-English Learning” and “Business Today”, which help extend their increasing influence in the circle of teacher education, basic education and business administration as well.

The university highlights the hands-on creative learning skills for students. Take the “Xing-Zhi Experimental Class” for instance, it is intended to develop the future teachers’ competitive qualities and innovative capacities for classroom performance under the tailored curriculum guided by internal and external professionals through an intensive and extensive training. Similarly, six other experimental centers and platforms are engaged for students to infuse their direct experience with the learning environment and content.

News Report Practice Center
Fine Arts Practice Center
The Innovation Center of Robot Design and Smart Control
The Innovation Center of Computing Application
The Innovation Center of Mechanic Science and Technology
The Innovation Center of Environmental Protection and Energy Saving

These exclusive centers have greatly motivated students’ interests in innovations and helped transform new solutions to talent development in an academic and job-hunting perspective for the university.

Constant dripping wears away a stone. Proudly, our students have received numerous national invention patents and achieved lots of awards and honors in a series of contests at different levels within these years, including the National Contest for Music Undergraduates, the Challenge Contest on Initial Business Planning for College Students, the National English Contest for College Students, the Contest of Software Design and Development, the Hua-Yang Cup Chemical Experimental Contest for College Students, and the Teaching Contest for Teacher Education Students in Hubei as well.

Internationally, the university establishes close partnership for academic exchanges and diploma program cooperation with over 20 foreign universities and scientific institutions from the United States, Great Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Japan and some South Asia countries.

Inside and outside Hubei province, the university sets up more than 100 regular internship bases and targeted workplaces into the schools and enterprises, and also roughly 30 distance education centers and 20 correspondent learning sites in the teacher training schools throughout the province. By this means, the university has already created dimensional frameworks of professional development for primary and secondary school teachers.

Successively four years since 2003, the university has been conferred as “Best Civilized Unit of the Year” at the provincial level. In 2011, it was awarded as “the National Exemplary Institution of Mandarin Chinese Standardization” by the State Ministry of Education and the State Language Work Committee.

Looking forward to the future, we are to firmly abide by the development rules in higher education and teacher education, the code of conduct of “Great Learning with Integrity and Loyalty” and the educational concept of “Discipline Ourselves and Put Students First”, along with the development strategy of “Quality to Survive, Talents to Compete and Research to Prosper” to cultivate the students into the “Industry-oriented, Blended-disciplinary and Creative” professionals. We are committed to maximizing the unique features of “Co-existence and Integration of Pre-service Education and In-service Training” and increasingly upgrading the kernel competitiveness and the integrative strength, thereby ultimately developing Hubei University of Education into a pioneering higher institution of teacher education with distinctive and distinguished characteristics.

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